Unleash your potential

At Infotheek we believe that doing what you love will make you grow in your career. And growing is something we as a company are doing rapidly right now. What started as a two man company focused on providing students with affordable computers, has now grown to an international IT hardware, software and services supplier. Thanks to our success and impressive international growth we are always looking for ambitious and talented people to join our ranks!


Will you be our new colleague?




Atmosphere and culture

We are a competitive and driven company. We work hard, but make time for fun. We believe that happy employees work harder, and organize fun and stimulating challenges and competitions to motivate you. We have a culture focused on direct contact and quick decisive actions.



We are one of the healthiest and fastest growing IT companies in the Netherlands. Over the past 4 years we have won 4 Dutch CRN channel awards, and we have been nominated for the Computable awards in 2011 and 2012. In 2013 we won the Computable award as well as the Dutch CRN award and the Chamber of Commerce Export Award. 2014 was an exceptionally good year for us since we were also named Best Managed Company.


As a company we are growing internationally, and are always looking for new people to join our offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and the Netherlands. And we are planning on opening up many more! As we grow we will provide you with every opportunity to grow with us. We will provide you with the education and training you need, and will help you develop your skills and experience in your area of expertise. In 2008 we had 51 mil. turnover and have already grown to over 225 mil. in 2014.


Every year we offer exclusive corporate events. Infotheek also offers a complete remuneration package including education and growth options, pension scheme, collective health care insurance and additional working conditions tailored to your profession.

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