A day in the life of one of our Account Managers

Around 8:15 all my colleagues start to arrive. There is already a line forming in front of the coffee machine, I queue up as well. Around 8:30 everyone has settled behind their desk, and we are ready to start the day. Some have already started calling customers. But not us, today we begin with a stock meeting. What products are interesting to sell? What products do we have in stock? Prices are discussed, so that all of us are aware of the important products for that day.


Today I will be making calls to promote our printing products and solutions. The goal is to asses potential customers. What hardware do they use currently? Do they have a contract for that? If so, when does that contract end? This all helps us to assess their specific needs.


I enter all this information in our CRM system. At noon I attempt to start creating a couple of proposals that have been requested by customers this morning. I am about to start when my phone rings.


I receive a call from Erik who is an IT manager for a small company. He sounds a bit stressed. I have been doing business with him for well over a year now. Their network is down, leaving over 80 employees with no way to do their work. One of their switches is broken, and replacing that as quickly as possible has now become  highest priority. Every hour their network is down, is costing the customer a small fortune.


After finding the correct type and model of the switch, and agreeing about a price with Erik, I immediately contact our back office. I guess my lunch will have to start a bit later than usual today! Our back office recognizes the urgency of the situation and moves quickly to help resolve the issue for our customer. Meanwhile, I make sure all the required information is logged correctly in our system.


Afterwards I call Erik to assure him that his replacement will arrive within the next two hours. Our customer is happy and his problem is solved. What a relief…


After lunch I return to my desk, and start reading my e-mail. I am working on a big project to replace an entire server environment for one of my customers. I have to close this deal! To make it happen, I have to find the right IT specialists internally. Together with my colleague I try to retrieve as much info as possible to make sure we can deliver the best offer.


In the meantime, cheers are coming from the room. I learn that one of my colleagues managed to score a huge deal with one of our customers. He has been working on it for months, so time to celebrate with the team!

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