A day in the life of one of our IT Engineers



Around 08:15 I park my car near the office. Yesterday evening I finished my work on our Virtual Desktop Environment. I prepare myself to be overwhelmed by questions the moment I walk in to the building. I greet everyone on my way to my desk and no one addresses me about the work I did the previous night. That is always a good sign!


This morning I have some design work planned for a cloud infrastructure that one of our customer’s needs. The idea is that their local office environment will become available from our cloud service. A project like this can be a bit of a challenge, but I enjoy turning the wishes of our customer in to a plan that corresponds with their wishes and is at the same time technically feasible. I create a couple of network drawings in Visio, write a working method for this project and create several other documents. Now it is time to receive some feedback my other colleagues about this design. Together with Marcel (Teamleader Services) and Michel (Head Servicedesk) I go over the plans I have drawn up. Some improvements and changes give us a complete package to hand over to the customer as a proposal, so we can get started on the project. The great thing about Infotheek is that you can discuss ongoing projects with your colleagues, no one is afraid to assist in a project in an informal manner.


It is time for lunch. Together with some colleagues I head out to a local poultry specialist in a mall nearby. We get some chicken, and on the way back it’s a true challenge not to dig in!


After lunch it’s time to visit a customer, so I get in my company car and head out to Hoofddorp. I will be visiting a customer that has had his IT relocation coordinated by us. Together with the customer we introduced a completely new local infrastructure, along with redundant fiber for a new patching cabinet we still need to select. We recently helped them move and today the VoIP phones will be delivered. Our job for today is to offer support and to configure their switch correctly. The VoIP vendor has already started unpacking and configuring the phones when I arrive. I set up the required configuration on their HP Procurve switches and their Fortigate firewall. I conclude by testing everything in cooperation with the VoIP vendor and the customer. Everything works!


Time went quickly, it is already  half past 6. Time to head home and beat the traffic.

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