A day in the life of one of ourĀ Order Pickers



Today I am assisting at the conveyer belt. We work in shifts and mine starts at 1 PM. Around twelve forty five I arrive at my work station. I start my shift by greeting and catching up with my coworkers.


Then everyone heads of to their work station to begin their shifts. The conveyer belt is cluttered with boxes, so I start by clearing some out so my coworkers have enough room to do their work. Every box has a barcode I have to scan. I then check my display to check whether the quantity and type of product corresponds with what is displayed on my screen.


In the evening I assist my colleagues by finding some products and getting them down from the storage racks with a forklift.


It is usually quiet after 07:30 in the evening so we use that time to sweep and clean our workspace to make sure everything is ready for the next shift.


After everyone finished their work, we all head home at the same time.

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