Job Openings

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Facilities ensure that our employees can do their work without problems. Besides that they also ensure that customers are always invited in a well maintained premises and of course with great enthusiasm!



Every day is different at the Finance department. Accounts Payable, Credit Management and Controlling are all part of it. Every day we encounter new challenges, that require innovative solutions.


Human Resources

Our HR department makes sure that our colleagues can deliver high performance, every day. By searching and selecting new talents, and training and developing each individual. HR takes care of all personnel administration and creates a ‘Work is fun’ culture.



Our IT Department stands for a professional and customer-oriented support to employees and business processes. It also contributes to business innovations and works for a competitive cost level.



Our management team consists of enthusiastic, driven and entrepreneurial leaders. They are all selected on their belief in our collective mission. We believe it is their core task to unleash the potential of all individuals in our organization.



Managing a webshop, creating online ads or optimising your own lead generation campaign? There are enough possibilities to make every work day different and exciting. At our Marketing department we work very closely with our Product Team and Sales in order to brand Infotheek across Europe. Combine the endless possibilities with a great atmosphere of young and enthusiastic colleagues and you have found an ambitious department where hard work and a fun team come together.


Product Team
The product team is right at the center of our organization. There is a close collaboration with every single department within Infotheek.
The product team is responsible for the entire product portfolio. By purchasing, vendor- and supplymanagement we help the Sales department score!


Sales Operations
The Sales Operations department is right at the center of Infotheek. Maintaining contact with all other departments, colleagues and customers is what we do. Making sure orders are being processed from start to finish is our main job. A diverse and fun department where we make the impossible possible!



In a world that is continually changing we help our customers enjoy full performance of their IT infrastructure. By offering Managed Services, we can simply monitor or completely manage our customers’ IT infrastructure. With our experience of over 20 years we know the best fitting Cloud Solution for a wide range of network environments. Our projects vary from virtualization to storage projects, from migrations to wireless solutions. And if you need even more we have our own poule of professional IT personnel that can be send to post.



Our 16000m2 warehouse, located in Leiden is the backbone of the organization when it comes to delivering products to customers. Its workforce is a diverse group of people that work around the clock to ensure customers wishes are met within the set deadlines. By ensuring correct handling and stocking of products the warehouse helps Infotheek score!

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