Our vision on the future IT market:

In today’s IT market, users are played in such a way that they always seem to need the latest of the latest. Infotheek Group prefers to look at the actual need. A large part of the employees often only use mail, internet and an Office package. We believe that there is always room for delivering earlier generations of hardware that users perform exactly the same.


In addition, we believe that IT can be more sustainable. New is not always better. In fact, used equipment offers companies and organizations many benefits such as cost savings, stimulating local employment, room for innovation and ecological gains. Did you know, for example, that about 80% of the CO2 emissions when producing a smart phone takes place in the production process? And that producing a smart phone requires almost 900 liters of water? By extending the life of IT, we can together reduce the footprint we leave on our earth.
Finally, costs will always continue to play an important role in the purchase of IT. Infotheek Group offers numerous possibilities to reduce or spread costs by, for example, offering the purchase of written off IT, offering IT rental possibilities and having a large supply of refurbished equipment available. This allows us to extend the lifespan of products without sacrificing quality, functionality and continuity and our customers contribute to the environment.