About Infotheek

Founded Restart Computers
2 employees


Restart Computers continues as Infotheek
35 mil. turnover
115 employees


Infotheek opens in Sweden
57 mil. turnover
180 employees


Belgium and Germany offices open
81 mil. turnover
210 employees


Launch Approved Selection and opening Spain office
117 mil. turnover
260 employees


United Kingdom office opens
175 mil. turnover
300 employees


Italy and Denmark open an office
225 mil. turnover
400 employees


Office Bulgaria and Poland
415 employees + you?


Jordy Kool

CEO Infotheek Groep B.V.

My name is Jordy Kool and I’ve been working at Infotheek since 2009. In my role as CEO I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. I have a number of passions, the biggest one of which is sports. I see a number of similarities between sports and business: You are responsible for your own output. The harder and smarter you work, the better the results. In sports and business you experience peak periods of hard work, and periods of rest. During the latter, I enjoy reading and talking to colleagues inside and outside the IT business.


Coaching in sports also has many similarities with coaching people in business. This has been the driving force in my career, both in the marine corps and later in the business world. Seeing others grow and prosper gives me the highest satisfaction.


I am very proud of the people that form our company. I’d like to see each employee as an entrepreneur. The fact that 80% of our specialist, seniors and managers have made steps within Infotheek, proves to me that we are ‘unleashing our potential’.


I hold Talent Development in high regard. I’m always on the lookout for highly driven, optimistic, and most of all enthusiastic individuals that are willing to go the extra mile.


Are you that individual? Then I hope to meet you soon!

Our culture

Working at Infotheek means working in a young and very dynamic organization. We have a competitive and commercial approach, which you will recognize in all of our colleagues. Every single employee is driven and has a passion for their area of expertise. We work hard, but do so in a relaxed environment.


Ambition is valued greatly at Infotheek. And that we know how to realize our ambitions,  is shown by the impressive growth we have accomplished in the past years. In 2015 we’ve welcomed our 400th colleague. In the past years we have made massive strides towards accomplishing our goals and we are not slowing down in the future!

The defining characteristics for our culture here at the Infotheek are our 4 core values. We feel that the bigger we get, the greater the need becomes to ensure we stick to our core values, and the more important it becomes to cultivate our corporate culture.


We consider these core values to be the DNA of our organization. Every employee recognizes these values in themselves and makes sure their work ethic as well as their actions correspond with these core values. Together these 4 core values define what we stand for, and they ensure that we will reach, if not surpass our goals.

We Do

At Infotheek we keep our promises. We hold ourselves to the agreements we make. If for some reason we can not abide to our agreement, we promise we will make sure to do our absolute best to get as close to it as possible. Because of our determination to do so, we are, and will continue to be one of the strongest and healthiest IT companies in the Netherlands.

We Care

At Infotheek we consider every individual to be important and make sure that everyone takes care of each other. Our customers and partners hold themselves to the same standards as us. As a result of this we have excellent cooperation and coordination with them. We hold quality and the environment in high regard. Making sure we refurbish, repurpose and reuse our own and our customers’ hardware as much as possible. Through our foundation IT4kids we support causes like WarChild and CliniClowns. We can proudly say that we have already raised over € 100.000,= for charity.

We are proud

We are proud of our customers. We are proud of our long standing and excellent cooperation with all our partners. We are proud of our distribution center with a massive surface area of over 20.000 square meters (215.280 square feet) filled with our own stock. We are proud of our enthusiastic and well-motivated employees. We are also proud of our past accomplishments, where they have brought us in the present, and where they are taking us in the future.

We are ambitious

We hold ambition in high regard. We aspire to be the best and make sure we stay the best. We wish to grow as a company and make sure great effort is put in doing just that. Everyone in our organization is expected and encouraged to continuously challenge themselves and improve upon themselves. To accomplish this we provide our employees with ample opportunity to advance themselves in their career. We will make sure to encourage your personal growth in any way we can.

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